Warphole makes social-distancing FUN! We’re giving away 4 SETS of Premium Boards so downtime isn't boring. SIGN-UP to enter. Drawings on 3/30, 4/13, 4/27, 5/11.

The Original

100% Curved. Patented. Awesome.


Curved surface. Four zones. A whole new playing experience.
Toledo, OH


Warphole vs Cornhole? 

Warphole's patented curved design, makes this new outdoor game the most fun and exciting game of bags on the market. With four distinct playing zones, Warphole creates a whole new playing experience for the entire family. Come play with us!

Cornhole for a new generation of players! | Patented curved-design, professional quality | Curved design amps up the playing excitement | Portable, easy to move & store | Easy to catch on: Same rules & bags as cornhole | Fun for the whole family!


4 Zones. 100% Fun.

Slide | Launch | Target | Drop

With four playing zones on each board, Warphole® creates a whole new experience, bring fresh interest and excitement to the popular game of cornhole.  The patented Warphole curve adds another dimension to the game and is fun for amateurs and professionals alike!

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The Glass City Warphole Challenge has been postponed due to the country's current health concerns. We are hoping to reschedule for July. Stay tuned for more details! Email us with any questions: the.team@warpholebags.com.

Raves & Reviews

We've got fans!

Warphole® actually increases the level of fun. When people come over, they ASK to play the new cornhole...they want to play Warphole.

Luke Lorick, outdoor entertainment pro @ Tailgating Challenge

Boards arrived today. I have to say how impressed I am by the quality of the boards. I will be sharing these on my social media. Bravo!

TONY B. | Orlando, FL

Whole different game! Can't wait to take to gatherings! Thanks, great job!

MATT D. | Heath, OH

You know you hit a slam dunk in the gift department when your boyfriend takes his present to work so that he can show it to/play with his friends.

ANDREA G. | Framington, MA

What an awesome twist on cornhole! Warphole is challenging and fun, requiring accurary and touch. It's the perfect next step for competative bags players.

SCOT K. | Park Ridge, IL

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