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      Co-founders: Javier (that guy) & Art Angel
      Founders, Javier Angel (left) and Art Angel (right)


      Warphole® brings a new level of play to the game of cornhole!

      The toss, the distance, the rules, are all the same. So, what’s the difference? The BOARD.

      The unique patented curved design, makes this new outdoor game the toughest and most exciting game of bags you’ll ever play!

      Founded in 2011, by a team of brothers from Ohio, the idea of Warphole® was sparked during a family cookout. Over a few beers and a friendly game of cornhole, one brother mentioned to the other “Why has no one come up with a more interesting design for this?” Good question. So, they started tinkering. And in 2017, Warphole®, a new version of the cornhole game was born. The focus of Warphole®’s design is on the curved playing surface that elevates the level of play and provides a new challenge to the game.

      All Warphole® products are US-patented, crafted of premium materials, and certified U.S. made.



      Our Headquarters.

      Warphole LLC

      955 W. Liberty Dr.

      Wheaton, IL, 60187