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Co-founders: Javier (that guy) & Art Angel
Co-founders: Javier (that guy) & Art Angel

In 2017, the world was introduced to EXTREME cornhole. Also known as, Warphole®. Backyard-BBQs, tailgates and block parties across the land rejoiced!

Warphole® is an extreme, new version of the cornhole game you know and love. The toss. The distance. The rules. All the same. But that's where the same ol’, same ol’ ends.

Warphole® is all about the board.

With a smooth, curved surface, it is more challenging to land in the Warphole® than a traditional cornhole game. Meaning, your perfectly perfected tossing technique will seriously be put to the test. The patented Warp-Wave™ design is like a roller-coaster for your bags. And an endless insult to your ego. But keep practicing, you'll get there.

A simple idea launches an extreme game.

The idea for Warphole® was sparked during a backyard BBQ a few years back. Over a few beers and a friendly game of bags, one guy thought “Why has no one come up with a new design for this?”
So that guy started tinkering. And a new version of the game focused on the board surface was born. Seven years, two design patents and an endless amount of dedication later, Warphole® hit the market. Extreme cornhole officially launched!


What are the rules?

The Court

The American Cornhole Organization gives the following specs in regards to the regulation cornhole court:

Board Positioning: Boards are positioned with 27 feet in between their front edges.

Foul Lines: The front edge of the cornhole board is the foul line for that half of the court.

Pitchers Box: Each player shoots from his/her pitcher box. Each player selects which pitchers box (left or right) they will shoot from for the entirety of the game. 

How do you score?

First to 21

Traditionally, the winning player (or team) is the first to reach or exceed a total score of 21 points at the end of a frame.

Frame:  A frame is defined as the period of time which elapses as two opposing players pitch each of their 4 bags.

Woody:  A woody refers to any bag that has been pitched and remains on the board playing surface at the conclusion of the frame.  Each woody is worth 1 point.

Warphole®:  Warphole® refers to any bag that has been pitched and passes through the board hole at any time within the frame.  Each Warphole® is worth 3 points.

Cancellation Scoring:  In cancellation scoring, the points of one player cancel out the points of their opponent for each frame.  Using this method, only one player (or team) can score in each frame.



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